Victor Ortiz, Jr. is an open-minded individual with a special interest in radio and audio technology. He enjoys radio music broadcasting and has published both music and podcast shows on his radio creation, “Ritmo Latino,” which is a show that highlights not only well known tropical Latin music, but also showcases the work of up and coming artists.

Victor primarily works in healthcare operations leadership and has a great passion for it. He is a supporter of continued learning, educating, and following ones passions.

Victor holds a master’s degree in healthcare administration, bachelor’s degree in business administration, and is a lean six sigma green belt certified practitioner.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Puerto Rican parents, Victor considers himself from everywhere. Victor’s parents served in the U.S. military, and as a result he moved from place to place frequently as a child and into early adulthood.

Victor is a big advocate for animal welfare, human rights, and is vegetarian.

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